The Geekery pub

a place of comfort and acceptance for all

What is our  style?


We try hard not be like any place else but you can consider us a family and special needs friendly establishment where adults can also enjoy a beer or cocktail.

What are our hours?

Closed Mondays

4pm – 9pm

Wednesday – Thursday
4pm – 10pm

Friday – Saturday
Noon – Midnight

Noon – 9:00pm

Where are we located?

The Geekery Pub Inc

7000 McLeod Rd. Unit #8

Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

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Our Story

I (Suzanne) have spent the last 19 years raising two boys, both with intellectual delays, both with autism. My husband was a long haul truck driver for 15 of those years, on the road for four and a half days a week, so I basically did it on my own. When my oldest son was three, I decided to go to college and pursue a career in Culinary Management.

I spent the following 13 years at doctor’s and therapist’s appointments, school and community meetings, etc. My whole world turned into being a special needs parent. Those who are special needs parents or know someone who is, will know just how time consuming it can become for the caregiver. The frustration with fighting the system, lack of funding, lack of understanding and all the hardships endured to ensure the child(ren) get the services they need, while dealing with all the issues and behaviours at home. Friends, family and personal time can all be lost in the process. 

My son had a lot of difficulties and wasn’t verbal yet, but I thought if he was in a more structured setting with other children, that would change. I finished my degree and went on to work as a chef in a couple of local restaurants but had to quit due to my son’s ongoing issues, especially at school. I then found out I was pregnant with our second son. By the time my second son was two, we saw the familiar signs of autism and delays. 

My husband has recently come off the road to a local trucking job. Because my younger son is into all things geek, we started to really get into the geek scene and were amazed at how fast the fandom was growing. Our local Comic-Con in Niagara Falls has grown from two to three days this year. Every box office hit stars a superhero or something similar, yet there aren’t any geek themed places such as a restaurant to go to. The Geekery Pub is meant to be a magical place to escape to, be yourself, live even for an hour in a fantasy world, and forget about life for a while. It’s a place where my sons can have a future. I arrived upon the idea of combining my culinary skills, my son’s complete obsession with anything geek, and continuing to help people with special needs by providing employment opportunities and a place they can feel comfortable. Thats how The Geekery Pub was born. I truly hope you enjoy your visit with us!

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Questions, concerns or just to say hi, please drop us a note and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

Here’s where you can find us, hope to see you soon!